Learning Technologies

Here is a brief collection of some of my favorite online and electronic tools for education.

Web Tools

Prezi – This online centered presentation tool is a great and easy way to develop engaging and dazzling presentations quickly.

Octalysis – Gamification is a hot new area of educational research. Yukai Cho has developed his Octalysis Tool to help methodize and balance different gamification tools and models.

Habatica – Speaking of Gamification, this online web and app tool allows users to gamify their to-do list with friends and have some fun doing it.


On The Media – WNYC’s radio show is some of the best media and public discourse journalism available on the internet.

Grammar Girl – Part of an excellent suite of educational podcasts and online content at Quick and Dirty Tips, this award-winning podcast discusses grammar, culture, and the words we often take for granted.

Teaching in Higher Ed – An excellent podcast (I borrow from regularly) to keep up-to-date with my educational tools and theory.

The World Peace Game (TED Talk) – John Hunter developed a comprehensive simulation game to allow fourth-graders to solve complex world problems.

…And more to come.