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As a Graduate Student in the Environmental Arts and Humanities MA program at Oregon State University, I have had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant to several classes in the College of Science recently.

GTA for BB/BI 317 Scientific Theory and Practice (WIC) F16/F17
GTA for CH 462 & CH 463 Integrated Chemistry Lab (WIC) W17 & S17/S18
GTA for MB/ART 499 Art of the Microbiome W18

My teaching career actually started long ago as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at OSU for General Chemistry (1999). Later, in Japan, I was also an Assistant English Teacher for two years (2006-2008).

Please continue with my online Teaching Portfolio that comprises a selection of materials I have created in my most recent time as part of the Graduate Certificate in University and College Teaching (GCCUT) program at OSU. This is a Graduate Certificate that prepares individuals for research in education and best practices in higher ed and adult learning fields. The GCCUT Graduate Certificate also satisfies the Scholar level of CIRTL.

I also have a small collection of Learning Technologies that help inform my teaching methods and theory.

I would be happy to discuss further background and teaching credentials not found in my Portfolio.

Please see my About page to contact me.