World Book Night

So, I volunteered for World Book Night this year. I had tried to sign up in previous years and was ignored for whatever reason. This time I figured out that my local independent bookstore extraordinaire, Grass Roots, usually has a few boxes left over from their general shipment and got in their cue a bit easier. Giving away books should be fun.

However, the box of promo books I got to hand out ended up being a bit less than ideal match. I figured I’m a geeky dude, I can sell Fantasy. So I picked up a box of The Ranger’s Apprentice, which I hadn’t heard about until the WBN promo, nor had I read. Turns out it’s a young adult fantasy novel. No worries, right?

The Ranger's Apprentice Book 1
The Ranger’s Apprentice Book 1

I check with the kids at my Aikido dojo, my major connection to the youngsters, and they’re all like: “Sorry, don’t need book 1, I’m on book 8 already.” So, at least the kids like it, that’s good. Now, where do I find the kids that haven’t read it? I tried the local middle schools, but they are, correctly I feel, not interested in geeky dudes strolling around their campus handing out free books–so I just hand them off to the office to filter them down to the reading clubs.

I hit up the comic book shop and give out a few to some kids browsing Magic cards. And the store owner.

And some more go to random lovely folk at Fred Meyers who look like they needed a book.

No amazing stories with my personal attempt at spreading literary fervor and fantasy, but still, a job well enjoyed.