Published Works

Links to writings I’ve done.

My Blog here consists mostly of book reports and curious musings.

I also blog over at the Environmental Arts and Humanities Program.

Also, some stories and offerings are also on my Patreon Page. Subscribe or follow there for links to those.

Of note there:
Hand in the Jar (epub/pdf) is an excerpt of a story I created as part of Nanowrimo 2015.
Grotto (epub/pdf) is an old short story I published in OSU’s Prism Lit Mag back in 2000.

As I begin work on my Master’s Thesis, here are some notes of interdisciplinary sociology and chemistry as part of my Undergraduate Honors Thesis:

Social Bonding: connections between the work of Erving Goffman and chemistry as models for social understanding (2000) (pdf)


Unless otherwise noted, things here and/or linked from here are probably:

© Copyright Jason Schindler

Other things may be Creative Commons Licensed as noted.



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