I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. Back in undergrad, I ran the university gaming club, and I continue to play and run a variety of table-top roleplaying and strategy board games.

I think table-top games can be great solutions for the Anthropocene. They embody a kind of hearthspeaking I’m looking for–highly social and low-tech, story- and mind-based entertainments that can similarly be used for teaching and learning.

Further forays into my game development and reviews of relevant hearthspoken games will appear here. Particularly, I hope to share more about my Ecology of Games project soon too.

I did this brief foray into a snail race RPG called Snail Trails for the #EarthEmpathyJam over on It’s still in development, but check back here or there for more info.


Collaborative Worldbuilding for Writing and Teaching (Trent Hergenrader)

Using games for teaching and systems thinking (NASAGA, etc.)

Game to Grow and Critical Core – using games for neurodiversity support and social experiential training