What is Hearthspeaking?

Humans are storied creatures. We need stories to understand the world, be it mythic or scientific, humorous or tragic. I’ve been writing somewhere between those lines, creating weird and delightful, sometimes shadowy, ergodic and jackdaw fictions about our changing world.

Hearthspeaking gets us back to that time when we decided to make a home of the campfire, build up the walls to keep us warm and keep out the dark, and decided to separate ourselves from the outside. Hearthspeaking quiets us down to hear the fire and the space we inhabit, listen to the snow and the trees, make friends with the snails and the bugs and the owls overhead, and teach us how to reconnect with that world we thought we separated ourselves from. It’s a gathering of community around a common space, the space of what warms and moves us, and teaches us to speak the truth to each other in kindness and gravitas.


I’m Jason Schindler (aka schinji).


I’m a graduate student and writer living in Oregon. I study environmental philosophy, ecotheory, chemistry and science, and the Dharma of Aikido, Druidry and Buddhism. I enjoy dancing, yoga, collecting lots of weird books, playing tabletop roleplaying and board games, biking, and camping.

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