Opening the Grate

I’d like to welcome you to my Patreon page! I decided to finally go live with my writing endeavours online with some hope of getting some support.

As a reader, follower or patron, I’d first like to thank you by sharing one of my older stories. These are old fires, almost dust at this point, but the warmth warped a bit of the metal that we have to work with now.

I wrote this a while ago in college for my first short story fiction writing class. It was a good first, arguably literate foray into strange fiction. I later got it published at my college Literary Arts magazine Prism.

There’s not a lot of other comments or annotations to make on it yet, but I’d be happy to answer questions about what you think about it. I was generally inspired by Raymond Carver’s Cathedral and the history of science I was learning of at the time.

How we treat the downtrodden of the world is important to me.

Here is Grotto, circa 1999, published in 2002

I’m going to start with posting .epub and .pdf files of my works for now, which should work on most e-readers, computers, and reading options. However, if I get some feedback, I’d be happy to make other formats available (Kindle, etc.).

Check out my Patreon share folder on dropbox. This will be the place to check for all the free offerings I have.

Supporting patrons will get a separate link for supported posts and pieces. They’ll look much the same, and have other patron only offerings.

Thanks everyone! More writings coming soon!